What is it?
The basic human ability of walking on two feet, which is so despised in the modern age. However there is no better way to approach and admire nature. We give great importance to this activity and we offer programs with variable duration and degree of difficulty.  Mt. Olympus, Mt. Kissavos and Mt. Pelion are "paradise on earth" for the walker and offer countless paths, one more beautiful than the other.

When is it done?
All the time! The terrain along the mountains, Olympus, Kissavos, Mayrovounio and Pelion is such that makes it ideal for browsing. We talk about lush nature and a fairly extensive network of forest roads and trails.

Where to?
Olympus Kissavos, Pindos, Pelion

What to have with you?
Be sure to bring along your good walking boots and a small backpack.

Who and how can they participate?
You need good will, and both physical and mental health. Participation is possible by everyone (minimum age 12 year old) even without prior experience.