What is it?
It is the descent into a gorge. Walking in the bed of the gorges and descending waterfalls by rope, using the technique of Rappel (belaying).  In small groups, 6 -10 people, always accompanied by at least two experienced  mountain guides / instructors.

When is it done?
Usually from March to November, choosing canyons which still have good water flow during the summer months.

Where is it done?
Calypso Orlyas
Agia Kori
Petroto Mega Rema (Mouzaki)

What to have with you?
Make sure you have your swimsuit, a towel and certainly a pair of spacious trekking shoes which will get wet during the ride.

Who and how can they participate?
Optionally you need to know how to swim, but especially you need mental and physical health. In the canyons, participation is possible to everybody (minimum age 16 years) and without special fitness or experience. You just have to carefully follow the advice of our driver and guide for the proper execution of belaying. One can participate alone or with friends. The programs we propose are in groups of 6-10 or more people, but you can suggest the gorge of your choice and join with your company in consultation with our office.

What is the rate?
Prices for canyoning are 45 to 65 euros depending on the canyon. The price includes local transportation and all necessary equipment (Neopren wet suits, helmets, belts, ropes)